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About US

About Us

Inner Vision Healing & Wellness Inc. and The Harmonic Egg 

Lori & Lisa are excited to open their very own Harmonic Egg location just outside of Toronto in Port Perry, Ontario.  

The Harmonic Egg℠ is a unique, patented chamber created to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and wellness.  Every person will have their own unique session which will target your areas of concern or things you want to dive a little deeper into.  We will start with a private consultation and will select your colour and music to compliment the session. You will choose your position in our comfortable reclining chair complete with a blanket.  After 40 minutes of music, you will enjoy quiet in the chamber for the remaining 10 minutes.  As we approach you to end the session, we will ring a bell to bring you back to yourself. 


Inner Vision Healing & Wellness Inc offers a variety of healing and wellness modalities to help you restore your mind, body and soul.  Visit us at for more information or contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions 



Ceragem Thermal Massager 


Ceragem Thermal Massager is a class II 510K medical device approved by the FDA for stress relief and blood circulation. It incorporates the principles of Spinal alignment, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, and Radiant Far-Infrared Heat to alleviate stress and pain accumulated within your body from everyday living. 

This combination of Eastern Alternative Healing practices and Western Therapeutical technology works simultaneously to:

Improve your blood circulation

Loosen stiff muscles

Reduce Joint pain

Reduce pain due to inflammation

Based on the belief that our body is best treated as a whole and with balance, the Ceragem uses acupuncture, chiropractic stretching, massage methods and employs far infrared heat (FIR) to assist the body's inherent healing ability.

  • How Does Ceragem Use Far Infrared?
    The CERAGEM Therapeutic Massage beds use far infra-red from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels as it closely resembles that generated by the body.
  • How Many Visits Until I Start To See Results?
    Results are cumulative and depending on your health condition, how long you have had the condition or injury, your age, the kind of work or sports you are involved in, and lifestyle choices you make. We advise you to use CERAGEM as much as you can and not to miss this golden opportunity.
  • What Is Far Infrared? Is It Safe?
    Far infra-red is a specific type of light that is not visible to the naked eye but can be felt as warmth. It is the type of heat that we receive from the sun and that our bodies generate all the time – that’s why our bodies love it. Far infra-red is used in incubators to nurture newborn babies. Far infra-red is not only safe, but it is also essential to life. We depend on far infra-red to stay alive. All of our essential bodily functions depend on far infrared heat like keeping our blood warm and circulating, maintaining a strong immune system. When we absorb far infra-red, our blood cells move faster. Active, moving blood means better circulation, better healing, better detox, and better cell regeneration. Better circulation means more oxygen in your blood. Oxygen-rich blood is the best way your body will reduce swelling and inflammation, heal tissue and relieve pain. Our bodies will absorb all the far-infrared it can to boost its ability to perform all these functions. Far infra-red IS NOT ultraviolet (UV). Remember, all premature babies are put into incubators that use far infra-red to save and support their lives.
  • How Often Should I Use Ceragem?
    The more you use CERAGEM, the faster you will feel better. In our center you have the opportunity to experience the effects of CERAGEM during business hours by appointment.
  • I Am Healthy And Exercise Already. Why Do I Need Ceragem?
    CERAGEM is for anyone who wants a better functioning body, more energy, and quicker recovery time. Healthy people maintain better health and very often improve things even more. CERAGEM is the athletes’ choice for natural performance improvement and recovery therapy. CERAGEM was used by Olympic athletes in Beijing and in other sporting events. We’ve helped dancers, fitness trainers, bodybuilders, swimmers, runners, cyclists, golfers, footballers, Lacrosse players and many sports men and women to do better and feel better doing what they love.
  • Are There Any Risks With Using Ceragem?
    Ceragem beds are a class II 510K medical device approved by FDA for stress relief and blood circulation. We are not aware of any side effects. If you still have concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor about using CERAGEM products.
  • CERAGEM brings you the benefits of:
    Gentle Spinal decompression and mobility: Working to relieve compressed nerves by encouraging spinal alignment and mobility.A correctly aligned spine stimulates the system and helps your body to return to its natural rhythms.
  • Safety
    For the vast majority of prospective clients, it is a safe and beneficial treatment. However, there are specific conditions that are contraindicated for this treatment. They are listed below. If you have a chronic disease or a recent surgery, it is recommended you consult your doctor. It is important the abdomen musculature is relaxed during the session, therefore, it is recommended not to eat 1 hour before and after the treatment session. You should NOT use the Ceragem bed if you; weigh 300 pounds or more. are pregnant. have had surgery in the past three months. have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or other medical implant. are under 12 years old are shorter than 4’4″. INTRODUCING THE CERAGEM MASTER V3 THE FIRST, THE ONE, AND THE ONLY IN THE INDUSTRY.
  • Is There Any Age Limit On Who Can Use The Bed?
    No age limit; in fact, taking care of your health should start as young as possible. Everyone is welcome – if you are under 18 please have a parent or guardian with you when you come.
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