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What can I expect from my sessions in the Harmonic Egg?

Clients may notice an improvement with a single session in the Harmonic Egg, but more often 3-10 sessions are necessary depending upon each individual client’s goals.

Our clients say they experience changes on a variety of levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is not uncommon for clients to report that their time in the Harmonic Egg raises their levels of consciousness, creative thought and helps them to ease from past traumas and limiting thoughts.

Often times the body undergoes an environmental detox while in the Harmonic Egg and odours are released during a session.

What important role does music play in the Harmonic Egg?

Since ancient times, music has been known to have therapeutic properties. Some of the music used in the Harmonic Egg was created and produced exclusively for use in this device. Many researchers, including Kay Gardner, author of The Inner Landscape, have identified the following:

• Piano may be used to rebalance the nervous system

• Drumming may build up the immune system and is highly effective for Parkinson’s, MS, etc.

• Flute may be used to address anger issues, sciatica, gout and insomnia

• Bells may bring the heart chakra into balance. Bells may also be used for the following: high blood pressure, asthma, apnea, heart and lung problems, allergies, fear of intimacy, low vital energy, adrenal fatigue

• Harp may be used for depression

• Violin may be used for tumors, etc.

• Nature sounds may work at the level of our DNA

How does the Harmonic Egg® compare to a flotation tank?

Both are enclosed or immersive experiences, but this really is where the similarities stop.

Float tanks use water and can be very relaxing. Floating can definitely be a very enjoyable experience. Personally, we have noticed that we don't go as deeply into a meditative state as we have during an acoustically induced meditation.

The Harmonic Egg is made of wood and uses sound to induce a meditative state. Many clients describe the experience to be like floating on sound. The egg's geometric shape gives it the ability to energetically “self-clean”. There are no 90-degree angles where energy can accumulate. Philosopher and inventor, Victor Schauberger, is known to have promoted the properties of the egg shape, and vibration. The egg is the most powerful shape in the Universe.

What makes the Harmonic Egg® so effective?

The Harmonic Egg® is intentionally designed as a sacred geometric chamber that combines sound and light therapy with a resonant frequency to re-route blocked energy.

It is made of natural wood to enhance the resonance within the chamber.

It is a consistent and repeatable process, leaving no guess work for the technician. As an added bonus, the physical and emotional state of the technician does not affect client outcomes.

The Harmonic Egg® does not incorporate any Bluetooth or wireless technologies and is completely natural and safe.

How do I set an intention for my Harmonic Egg® session?

1) Create your intention. The best intentions are brief and to the point.

2) The more awake and present you are, the more powerful the intention.

3) State it three times in a row and let it go.

4) Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your session.


Examples of intentions:

Physical: I want to bring restoration to my liver

Emotional: I want to relieve stress and feel a sense of calm

Spiritual: I want to connect more with my intuition

How does a session for my pet work?

Distance Harmonic Egg® sessions are what we recommend for pets. In-person sessions for pets are not offered.

If employing a distance session, a photo of the pet is placed inside the egg. The pet and its owner should remain in a safe, quiet space during the 50-minute session.

Just like their owners, pets experience physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that the Harmonic Egg can help to rebalance.

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