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Inner Vision Healing & Wellness Inc. and The Harmonic Egg 

Lori & Lisa are excited to open their very own Harmonic Egg location just outside of Toronto in Port Perry, Ontario.  

The Harmonic Egg℠ is a unique, patented chamber created to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and wellness.  Every person will have their own unique session which will target your areas of concern or things you want to dive a little deeper into.  We will start with a private consultation and will select your colour and music to compliment the session. You will choose your position in our comfortable reclining chair complete with a blanket.  After 40 minutes of music, you will enjoy quiet in the chamber for the remaining 10 minutes.  As we approach you to end the session, we will ring a bell to bring you back to yourself. 

Inner Vision Healing & Wellness Inc offers a variety of healing and wellness modalities to help you restore your mind, body and soul.  Visit us at for more information or contact us at

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